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Brotherracks staff application


New member
Staff App Format for Arclight RSPS
  1. Ingame Name: brotherracks
  2. Forums Name brotherracks
  3. Age: 28
  4. Where do you live and what timezone: central
  5. How long have you played Arclight: since last month
  6. Do you have any previous staffing experience: I previously staffed on epics old servers as moderator
  7. If yes to above question please explain your experience and for what server: I have staffed alongside my brother epic as moderator in his servers
  8. Do you know how to develop: no
  9. Position your applying for? moderator or support
Scenario Questions:
  1. If a player is spamming in chat what do you do? Warn if he or she persists temp mute and if they persist further perm mute
  2. If a player is caught duping what do you do? jail them figure out how they did it then report to epic fuge or Nikita
  3. If a player is caught abusing a bug/glitch what do you do? jail them and report the bug to fuge epic or Nikita
  4. If a player is being disrespectful to you and other players what do you do? warn them and if it continues to get out of hand jail them
  5. If a player is advertising another server what do you do? instant mute no if’s and or buts
  6. If another staff member abusing his power what do you do? take screenshot and send it to epic fuge or Nikita